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Blog Links: Building a vSphere 6.5 Home Lab

This is the kind of tutorials I like to distribute. Building a vSphere 6.5 Home Lab The above is a very well written tutorial on how to deploy VSphere on a home lab system. In the tutorial they use an Intel NUC but a HP Microserver GEN8 is even better. Take a look and have… Read More »


Docker in the datacenter with DDC

Docker starts to look like a competitor to virtualization environments like VMWare VSphere deplyments. In the following knowledge base article Docker Reference Architecture: Docker Datacenter Best Practices and Design Considerations there is a very interesting presentation on how to migrate a datacenter to docker. Docker Datacenter (DDC) is the enterprise container platform from Docker to… Read More »

Blog Links: Block-chain news: The truth about blockchain, healthcare uses and implementation mistakes

Another article in the main press (Harvard Business Review) about block-chain. The Truth About Blockchain. A real case presentation about the use case of block-chain technology in healthcare Distributed health 2016 – WarrenBrandeis Finally a nice list of main mistakes that are done when implementing in the real world block-chain technology Top 10 Mistakes in… Read More »

Blog Links: Another nice post about Blockchain

The blockchain hype starts to get noticed also by the mainstream IT press. A very nice and detailed article about the current state and the possible future applications of blockchain in PC Magazine. Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That’s Changing the World Also related to this topic is the following article about The Meaning of Decentralization… Read More »

Blog Links: Blockchain news

I keep track on the blockchain related news and the following are some new topics. A new trend of discussions started everywhere and is trying to find useful applications for blockchain to new domains. The following article tackles the topic of: IoT and Blockchain Convergence: Benefits and Challenges An interesting discussion thread on Quora about… Read More »

Blog links: Blockchain news

Some interesting blockchain related resources from the internet: The Chain API (a very easy to use) blockchain infrastructure. One of the easiest to use library and with a nice written tutorial. So spin your blockchain network in minutes with it. See Chain tutorial and the API JavaDoc A nice article putting blockchain in the context… Read More »

A.I. : State-of-the-art of Computer Vision

In another life (almost 14 years ago) for some years I had the privilege to be a member of one of the top European computer vision groups VISICS/PSI VISICS/PSI. My focus then was object categorization using neural networks, not a very popular topic at that time due to limitations in data availability and computation power.… Read More »

Blog Links: Security threats in 2016

A very interesting report from EFF about the state of Cryptography and security threats in 2016 in: Technical developments in Cryptography: 2016 in Review [paypal_donation_button]

Blog Links: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance)

Yet another acronym, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance). This became very important due to the high-profile phishing done by russian state sponsored hacking groups involving spoofed e-mail addresses. By sending e-mails that looked as coming from credible sources they were able to infect systems connected to political entities: Clinton campaign staff, democrat party… Read More »