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Validate and Investigate a live #DRBD replicated Oracle Instance using LVM clone

This is another post related to the DRBD replication setup I describe in post #DRBD based disk replication of a production cluster to a remote site cluster on RHEL 6. Sometimes we need to be able to mount the offline replicated Oracle database instance for investigations. This can be done by using logical volume snapshots.… Read More »


Debug tools for enterprise environments

There are various tools that I use to spot issues and investigate an enterprise environment. One of my favourite tools is IBM Performance Analysis Suite. Capabilities described by IBM: Import all kinds of performance data for analysis. Some examples: DB2 snapshot, Java verbose GC output, Java thread dumps. Import software/middle-ware configuration for compliance checking. Some… Read More »

Blog Links: Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA)

One of the best introduction tutorial I have seen about a useful tool set. I am sick of all the empty marketing “pitches” I see daily. Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) – An Overview Guide A must read for anyone that has to work with Oracle DB and needs to do a deep investigation of… Read More »

Blog Links: SQL Server on Linux

Big news, MS finally realized that with the cloud migration of a lot of services if you do not embrace Linux you are dead. After anouncing that it joined Linux Fundation as a platinum member we got SQL Server on Linux Install SQL Server on Linux

Oracle: Reactivate a database user

I am always very annoyed when my Oracle user is automatically expired and locked. This is done automatically at 180 days in some installations. The following are some very easy steps for a question that everybody is asking again and again on forums. STEP 1: Connect to the DB

STEP 2: Update the password… Read More »

Blog Links: SQL Server Tricks and Tips

The following are some interesting SQL Server related links: A lot of times you have to relocate the data and log files of a SQL Server. It can be that the default installation was not OK or you change the storage. The following tutorial is very useful Move System Databases Using SQL Server with R… Read More »

DB2: Debug db2 SQL exceptions

Sometimes the db2 exceptions are cryptic or hidden by the application layer. In this case the only way to find the db2 SQL exception is to investigate in db2 logs. First check the log level setup in the Database Manager Configuration. Log in as the user under which db2 instance runs, in my case db2inst1.… Read More »

DB2: SQL Error: -803, SQLState: 23505, Unique Constraint Violation

Yet another thread of DB2 errors from an EJB application that connects to a DB2 instance. The reported thread of errors:

We get several DB2 error codes there that may make it more clear. Let me take you through them : 1. SQL Error: -4229, SQLState: null Translated: “Batch failure. The batch was submitted,… Read More »