A free and new way to shrink pdf files in Windows

I always missed some nice Linux tools when I work on Windows. I know that is nice to have a fancy GUI but sometimes you cannot do even simple things without paying a lot for some bloated application. There is the simple problem of optimizing pdf files, especially big manuals, pdf files containing images or… Read More »

Blog links: Blockchain news

Some interesting blockchain related resources from the internet: The Chain API (a very easy to use) blockchain infrastructure. One of the easiest to use library and with a nice written tutorial. So spin your blockchain network in minutes with it. See Chain tutorial and the API JavaDoc A nice article putting blockchain in the context… Read More »

Back-up your Google data

There is a new tool from Google available to all that want to keep a backup of their Google data. I know that Google means “free” mail and “free” cloud space for lots of you but for the faint hearted a backup is always welcome. If we look at the Yahoo issue (due to bad… Read More »

Windows finally has an OS in it

Starting with build 1607 finally Windows 10 has a Linux in it. To enable the Linux user space (basically an Ubuntu) the following has to be done: STEP 1: Update Windows to 1607 Make sure you update Windows 10 to a build at least 1607. STEP 2: Activate developer mode Settings -> Updates & security… Read More »

Backup: Daily back-up on external encrypted disk with rsync and cron

Everybody knows the importance of a daily back-up. There are a lot of tools with fancy GUIs and useless information but sometimes the best is to keep it simple. Linux offers some very powerful build-in ways of creating a perfect backup. The scope is to create a secure incremental automatic daily backup without using fancy… Read More »

Storage: Optimize SSDs with fstrim

Using SSD drives is no longer an exception, they are used in home systems but also in server systems to hold at least the OS, or other resources that need more speed than space. As any other storage disk a SSD can become fragmented as successive write/delete operations will try to use the available storage.… Read More »

A.I. : State-of-the-art of Computer Vision

In another life (almost 14 years ago) for some years I had the privilege to be a member of one of the top European computer vision groups VISICS/PSI VISICS/PSI. My focus then was object categorization using neural networks, not a very popular topic at that time due to limitations in data availability and computation power.… Read More »

DB2 : Errors when a database nickname or view is no longer available

In an enterprise application based on hibernate running over DB2 we have to refer with several views and nicknames to external tables. This can be the case when SSO is used or there are some common static data (accounts, user entries, financial constants etc. ) that are kept in a centralized database repository and are… Read More »