DRBD: Creating an ext4 over LVM then mount results in detach on RHEL 7 on VMWare

There is an interesting case of failing technology due to an unimplemented feature. See the following mail list thread for the original post. Basically if you deploy DRBD and one of the endpoints is a vmware virtual machine: – when trying to mount a newly created etx4 file-system over the LVM from the drbd device… Read More »


Blog Links: Card payments and banking made easy

This is an interesting API to process card payments from your web or Android applications BlueSnap API. I really like when gems like this start to be available. You can spin up your card processing side of the business in minutes. Another interesting german start-up is the The Open Bank Project. Their open source API… Read More »

Blog Links: Building a vSphere 6.5 Home Lab

This is the kind of tutorials I like to distribute. Building a vSphere 6.5 Home Lab The above is a very well written tutorial on how to deploy VSphere on a home lab system. In the tutorial they use an Intel NUC but a HP Microserver GEN8 is even better. Take a look and have… Read More »

Docker in the datacenter with DDC

Docker starts to look like a competitor to virtualization environments like VMWare VSphere deplyments. In the following knowledge base article Docker Reference Architecture: Docker Datacenter Best Practices and Design Considerations there is a very interesting presentation on how to migrate a datacenter to docker. Docker Datacenter (DDC) is the enterprise container platform from Docker to… Read More »

Linux: Command line video editing

The best way to do simple video in Linux is using the command line. This way you can do quick one liner commands that do the job fast and clean. My favourite tool is ffmpeg. Install ffmpeg: If you do not have it already installed to intall ffmpeg simply do (in Fedora): dnf install ffmpeg… Read More »

Docker: Orchestrate multiple containers with docker-compose V2

This is post in continuation of Docker: Orchestrate multiple containers with docker-compose The same application environment is specified using the docker-compose V2 specification. This looks very similar but with a simplified syntax and some extra features. STEP 1: List the existing images # docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE flat 53ac9d27fbb3 5… Read More »

IoT: House climate monitoring

It is very important for me to monitor the climate in the house. The solution that I have chosen is the Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones features: – main sensor that measures temperature, CO2 levels, humidity and noise levels. – indoor sensors that measure temperature, CO2 levels and humidity. Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station… Read More »