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Activate the old style #Windows 10 Uninstall to remove old applications

Windows 10 has the stupid habit specific to Microsoft to consider that users are stupid and hide features that seems too complicated. As a side effect some important features are hidden from users. One of the most annoying one is the possibility of removing old applications that have an old style installer. In the new… Read More »


AP-AC-Pro with #Unifi as a taxi monitoring tool

It is always fun to find new usage to UBNT devices. I just discovered that my UniFi AP-AC-Pro is a powerful monitoring tool for the Wi-FI enabled taxis. In a city that considers itself as one of the “Silicon Valleys” of Eastern Europe Internet is a must. Obviously in such an environment having a Hot-Spot… Read More »

Disable core dump generation on #Linux

Generation of core dumps that result in freezing the Linux system is another common issue in the new Linux kernels discussed on many forum threads. Same as the bug of kswapd0 discussed here Kswapd0 going haywire this can become very annoying. It seems that lately someone tries to add developer features turned on by default… Read More »

#Apache #Kafka solutions going mainstream

I like when solutions you are excited about and are first seen as “experimental” start to go mainstream. This happened with containers (Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes etc.) which are now the hottest topic in DevOps right now. The same is happening now for Apache Kafka which was adopted by no other than “Goldman Sachs” for their… Read More »

A solution for kswapd0 going haywire on #Linux

This is a common issue in the new Linux kernels discussed on many forum threads. There is a long thread here about this problem. In short the issue is that when you run out of memory “kswapd0” a kernel process than manages virtual memory will start moving “old memory entries” to swap. The “run out… Read More »

Automatic remote backup using cron and #OwnCloud

Setting up a backup is important and at the same time the most neglected task. One quick solution for a remote backup is using OwnCloud. If you already have your OwnCloud server or just an account the following short steps can be done. STEP 1: Gather your data Lets gather the data to be back-ed… Read More »