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#DRBD: Synchronization of sites after the connection between sites is down for a long time

In a DRBD setup as described in #DRBD based disk replication of a production cluster to a remote site cluster on RHEL 6 there is a special case when due to some external issues the communication line between the sites is down due to technical reason for a longer period of time (days). The line… Read More »


Portable #Docker #Swarm made of #RaspberryPI

This is the new cool thing to build at home. A small cluster made of Raspberry PIs. Hardware setup of the cluster ITEM 1: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I went for a set of 5 PIs because of the greater flexibility when you get more machines. I hope to be able to test several… Read More »

#Docker volumes and Selinux

When running complex environments on Docker on Linux again we face the mighty selinux. There are plenty of selinux alerts generated when I start my environment when the host machines have selinux enabled and volumes are used by the containers. Setting selinux permissions is hard a tedious and many people just prefer to disable it.… Read More »

Linux: Save a pdf presentation to individual image slides

There is a very simple way to save a pdf presentation to individual jpeg images of the slides using convert.

where: – density 300 specifies the DPI used to read the pdf. – presentation_page_%04d.jpg is a name pattern for the saved images As a result if presentation has 20 slides we get image slides… Read More »

#DevOps the new hype at #DevTalks Cluj

It seems that now I have a name for what I have doing for the last 15 years 🙂 I attended a a DevTalks conference and the hype of the day was the DevOps idea. According to the wiki definition: DevOps (a clipped compound of “software DEVelopment” and “information technology OPerationS”) is a term used… Read More »