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Best of #GDPRDay memes as mailboxes clogged today from all the #GDPR opt-in mails

Seeing the sheer panic and huge traffic from random sites I never remember visiting asking me for opt-in to their spam makes this a special day. Even Vodafone the big offender from my previous post Follow-up to “Vodafone #Romania and #GDPR, or how to trick customers to circumvent #GDPR”, first GDPR related fine, finally sent… Read More »


Follow-up to “Vodafone #Romania and #GDPR, or how to trick customers to circumvent #GDPR”, first GDPR related fine

Follow-up to the Vodafone case, they got owned. Vodafone was fined because of the dishonest campaign, which tried to circumvent the new GDPR regulations. See the article in romanian: Vodafone ia amendă de la ANSPDCP pentru o campanie de obținere a consimțământului pentru utilizarea datelor cu caracter personal. Basically, several people and news outlets contacted… Read More »

Perfect use case for #Bitcoin and #QR codes found

We all know the fact that Bitcoin can be used to make anonymous and untraceable (up to a point) electronic payments. The QR code representation of a Bitcoin address makes it easier to send funds to someone (see also the donation QR code of this blog). Printed QR codes that cannot be altered without the… Read More »

Darn robots taking our jobs

All this talk about robots or A.I. taking our jobs starts to be funny. Same old story. So Bill Gates wants them darn robots getting taxed, really I was not expecting this from the guy who helped to probably replace the most number of people with computers. My opinion is summed by the following “urban… Read More »

Blog Links: Card payments and banking made easy

This is an interesting API to process card payments from your web or Android applications BlueSnap API. I really like when gems like this start to be available. You can spin up your card processing side of the business in minutes. Another interesting german start-up is the The Open Bank Project. Their open source API… Read More »