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Blog Links: A fabulous description of the migration of GitHub to Kubernets and other GitHub news

Finally the description of the migration of GitHub to Kubernets. This is so nice when you see open source getting used in the huge scale services. Kind of makes it easier for you to push this kind of stuff in the conservative IT business industries. Enjoy the article Kubernets at GitHub A wonderful new GitHub… Read More »


Darn robots taking our jobs

All this talk about robots or A.I. taking our jobs starts to be funny. Same old story. So Bill Gates wants them darn robots getting taxed, really I was not expecting this from the guy who helped to probably replace the most number of people with computers. My opinion is summed by the following “urban… Read More »

Blog Links: Card payments and banking made easy

This is an interesting API to process card payments from your web or Android applications BlueSnap API. I really like when gems like this start to be available. You can spin up your card processing side of the business in minutes. Another interesting german start-up is the The Open Bank Project. Their open source API… Read More »

Docker in the datacenter with DDC

Docker starts to look like a competitor to virtualization environments like VMWare VSphere deplyments. In the following knowledge base article Docker Reference Architecture: Docker Datacenter Best Practices and Design Considerations there is a very interesting presentation on how to migrate a datacenter to docker. Docker Datacenter (DDC) is the enterprise container platform from Docker to… Read More »

Blog Links: Block-chain news: The truth about blockchain, healthcare uses and implementation mistakes

Another article in the main press (Harvard Business Review) about block-chain. The Truth About Blockchain. A real case presentation about the use case of block-chain technology in healthcare Distributed health 2016 – WarrenBrandeis Finally a nice list of main mistakes that are done when implementing in the real world block-chain technology Top 10 Mistakes in… Read More »

Blog Links: Another nice post about Blockchain

The blockchain hype starts to get noticed also by the mainstream IT press. A very nice and detailed article about the current state and the possible future applications of blockchain in PC Magazine. Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That’s Changing the World Also related to this topic is the following article about The Meaning of Decentralization… Read More »