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This is the section with my Raspberry Pi experiments.

#RaspberryPi #AIY Project with #ModMyPi case

By | February 19, 2018

The AIY project from Google or Create a voice kit with your Raspberry Pi is a wonderful gift from Google. I got it last year after a long preorder wait from ModMyPi. The kit is nice comes with a do it yourself cardboard case, that is nice but obviously not to be used as a… Read More »

Portable #RaspberryPI #Docker #Swarm – Static IP, Ethernet based, #Portainer

By | October 14, 2017

As I discussed in post Portable #Docker #Swarm made of #RaspberryPI – Updated hardware there were several hardware updates done to the swarm. One of the updates was adding a switch and connecting all the Raspberry PIs to the switch. First version of the Docker Swarm was done using the wifi connections of the PIs.… Read More »