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Linux Cluster with #DRBD replication: solving “HA LVM requires Only one logical volume per volume group” issue

I have a RHEL 6 Linux cluster setup where the main database storage is replicated on a remote site using DRBD. In case of a failure of the primary site the decision is taken to move operations on the remote site. When the production site is back online sometimes the administrator is too eager to… Read More »


Storage: Optimize SSDs with fstrim

Using SSD drives is no longer an exception, they are used in home systems but also in server systems to hold at least the OS, or other resources that need more speed than space. As any other storage disk a SSD can become fragmented as successive write/delete operations will try to use the available storage.… Read More »

Migrate Windows 10 to SSD

My desktop Dell XPS 8700 is a beast even after more than 2 years of the official release. The problem with it is that in a typical big corporate fashion it contains an unbalanced set of hardware: * A very fast processor * 16GB of memory (4x4GB so not so up-gradable to the 32GB maximum)… Read More »