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Back-up of /home of a running system using lv snapshot

Following is a simple and easy way to do a consistent back-up of the /home directory (usually mounted in a separate partition) on a running system. We do not have the luxury of being able to stop the operations of a server and unmount the home partition to make sure no changes are done during… Read More »


#DRBD investigate and solve a sudden Diskless issue

Even when you think that you know something well enough you discover that there are some corner cases you never encountered. This is the main reason I like IT system administration tasks, you never get bored. This post is about one of this corner cases in a DRBD setup described in post #DRBD based disk… Read More »

Storage: Optimize SSDs with fstrim

Using SSD drives is no longer an exception, they are used in home systems but also in server systems to hold at least the OS, or other resources that need more speed than space. As any other storage disk a SSD can become fragmented as successive write/delete operations will try to use the available storage.… Read More »