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Map #Docker container ports to virtual IPs in Linux with docker-compose

Sometimes you need to export multiple instances of the same service with a specific IP using same port outside of a docker swarm environment. Using docker swarm environment is easy to have several instances of the same service exporting some API on the same port. The swarm will take care of load balancing the services… Read More »


#Docker images cleanup

CASE 1: If you use multi-stage docker builds you will end up with lots of un-tagged images. The proper way to clean the intermediary leftover images is: docker rmi $(docker images -f “dangling=true” -q) CASE 2: If you want to clean up all the old images for which you no longer have any instantiated container… Read More »

Portable #Docker #Swarm made of #RaspberryPI

This is the new cool thing to build at home. A small cluster made of Raspberry PIs. Hardware setup of the cluster ITEM 1: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I went for a set of 5 PIs because of the greater flexibility when you get more machines. I hope to be able to test several… Read More »

#Docker volumes and Selinux

When running complex environments on Docker on Linux again we face the mighty selinux. There are plenty of selinux alerts generated when I start my environment when the host machines have selinux enabled and volumes are used by the containers. Setting selinux permissions is hard and tedious and many people just prefer to disable it.… Read More »