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Portable #Docker #Swarm made of #RaspberryPI

This is the new cool thing to build at home. A small cluster made of Raspberry PIs. Hardware setup of the cluster ITEM 1: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I went for a set of 5 PIs because of the greater flexibility when you get more machines. I hope to be able to test several… Read More »


#Docker volumes and Selinux

When running complex environments on Docker on Linux again we face the mighty selinux. There are plenty of selinux alerts generated when I start my environment when the host machines have selinux enabled and volumes are used by the containers. Setting selinux permissions is hard a tedious and many people just prefer to disable it.… Read More »

Letsencrypt Secured Private Registry for #Docker Swarm

This tutorial is part of the effort to deploy a complex business application on a docker swarm and is focused on deploying a swarm accessible secured private registry using letsencrypt certificates. The first step is to create the swarm, see Create and manage a Docker Swarm with Docker CE and register it to Docker Cloud… Read More »

Monitor #Docker #swarm nodes with #WeaveScope

After your environment grows and you add more and more servers at some point the need to have a simple visual monitoring of everything becomes vital. If you throw into this environment a container environment like docker than you have to monitor even more information. After creating a docker swarm see Create and manage a… Read More »