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November, 1st – New Month, New Opportunities

Dear Reader, I am coming back to the topic that hooked me on the blogging activity – the MIND, slowly becoming a new habit. Today is the first day of a new month and I have seen many media posts that share thoughts on the first day of a new month. Now, I also wish… Read More »


The Theorist

Today, I am presenting you the theorist learning style. This is my dominant learning style. I was surprised to learn a lot about myself when I did the test and discovered the features of this style. Of course, it is not all or nothing. If I/you have a dominant learning style, it does not mean… Read More »

Own your MIND!

Own your mind! According to the promise for a series of mind-related posts, here comes the first with a command: Own your MIND! If you think that it is easy, you might be either lucky to have been actually dealing with your Mind or blissfully ignorant and/or unaware of the tricks the mind can play… Read More »

Hooked on the blogging habit

Dear Reader, Since my first book review posted on this blog last year, I have been dealing with my newest hobby: the MIND. For me, the mind is the energetic non-physical entity that encompasses thoughts, feelings, internal beliefs, and the personal interpretation of reality. Thus, for me, mind is synonymous with the soul/spirit/other similar term.… Read More »