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Blog Links: #Java SE support for #Docker CPU and memory limits

A very important release announced in a post on the Oracle blog. Java SE support for Docker CPU and memory limits In short: “As of Java SE 8u131, and in JDK 9, the JVM is Docker-aware with respect to Docker CPU limits transparently.” SET 1: If -XX:ParalllelGCThreads, or -XX:CICompilerCount are not specified as command line… Read More »


Letsencrypt Secured Private Registry for #Docker Swarm

This tutorial is part of the effort to deploy a complex business application on a docker swarm and is focused on deploying a swarm accessible secured private registry using letsencrypt certificates. The first step is to create the swarm, see Create and manage a Docker Swarm with Docker CE and register it to Docker Cloud… Read More »

Monitor #Docker #swarm nodes with #WeaveScope

After your environment grows and you add more and more servers at some point the need to have a simple visual monitoring of everything becomes vital. If you throw into this environment a container environment like docker than you have to monitor even more information. After creating a docker swarm see Create and manage a… Read More »

Docker: New Docker release

In an early March announcement Docker changed the way new versions are released and also branched it to Docker Community Edition (CE), Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and Docker Cloud. The new Docker EE has some additional features like Docker Datacenter providing integrated container management and security from development to production. That makes the Docker environment a… Read More »