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Automatic remote backup using cron and #OwnCloud

Setting up a backup is important and at the same time the most neglected task. One quick solution for a remote backup is using OwnCloud. If you already have your OwnCloud server or just an account the following short steps can be done. STEP 1: Gather your data Lets gather the data to be back-ed… Read More »


Find in Linux if your installed RAM is ECC

Sometimes really simple questions are hard to answer. One day I got the question from a coworker: “How do I know if some installed RAM is ECC or not”. The easiest way is to use dmidecode command that dumps in Linux all the system characteristics. But because I had no idea how to see if… Read More »

Convert certificate from DER to PEM format

Sometimes you get a CA certificate in DER format and some application requires it in a PEM format. OpenSSL to the rescue: