Who am I? – Part 3 – The Body, #health #Mindfulness

By | April 14, 2021

Dear Reader,

Upon re-reading parts 1 and 2 about who I am, I feel gratitude for all those ideas that I came in contact with and managed to share with you. This year I will focus more on the physical part, our body that is very connected to our mind and with the environment we live in. During the year since my last post, my body has provided me with much knowledge about who I am. It provided home, nourishment and much care for a baby to full term. It also provided the pandemic situation that allowed me more time for self-reflection. But I do not wish to go into any pandemic-related issues. Whichever normality you experience, if you enjoy the new one more or if you are pinning for your world-order prior to lock-downs, you are still in your body and your body continues to communicate with you, hoping you can hear it.

What I have learned about me through pregnancy and being a mom is just the beginning of a new stage in my self-discovery process. I also stumbled upon many resources and authors who challenge us to care for our bodies and to listen to all its subtle messages. The body has its own intelligence. It does not forget what is going through the mind. If we are not conscious about what is happening with our thoughts and emotions, the body will immediately remind us. However, the conscious mind needs some education in order to interpret what the body tells us, sometimes repeatedly.

If you look out there, in the medicine, nutrition, emotional health fields, you will find a myriad of theories, practices and different advice. You can find what suits you and your specific situation. More over, what suits you today may be very different from what suited you a few years ago or what will be more appropriate in a decade.

Photo by John Jackson on Unsplash

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, writing these ideas and sharing them with you, the Reader, makes my heart jump and fuels me with positive energy. I also noticed it helps me process the information I have gathered so far. Reading lots of resources does not mean that they have been digested by my mental and emotional “stomachs”. Writing these rows and reviewing them helps me de-clutter and sort my ingested information. Of course I am not able to provide you with all the content I have gone through, but I can provide some suggestions for further education.

You are the only one able to apply your filters to any new information you come across and with to engage with. Observing your own thoughts and body reactions to any new information is like chewing it. Afterwards, both the body and the mind can use whatever they need and acknowledge as useful and spit up the non-essential or even toxic part.

There are so many books and ideas I would like to share, but for this first post, I will leave you with some questions you can ponder on, if this topic awakens your attention:

  • Do you feel energized?
  • Do you have a sharp mind (at least most of the time)?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Do you invest time, information, and energy into what you eat?
  • Do you stop to look at your body and be grateful?

As a short conclusion, be aware that you ARE what you eat, what you do, what you say, what you think, what you believe and what you communicate to the world, whether you do it on purpose or not, and whether your know it or not. Enjoy these foods for thought!

More on this topic will be covered in a post about new books, Books – Food for Soul #2.

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