By | February 6, 2020

Dear Reader,

Can you name your superpower without thinking more than 2 seconds? Mine is Resilience. Sometimes I wished it was willpower. But why can’t we have more superpowers? Who does actually define this? I say it is every person on its own.

I decided to work with my willpower.Willpower is a limited resource that gets refilled daily. It is high in the morning and gets depleted by self-abstinence during the day. It is also the force that drives us to progress, to achieve our goals and to enjoy each day. But the mind gets polluted throughout the day.

As illustrated in the picture above, I see willpower as an inner force that shines through when the mind is calm. It sheds light among the fogginess of worrying and the negative thoughts that circulate around us. Willpower is the conscious decision to be stronger.

If you want to use your willpower for your priorities, which are these? Where do you fit your mental health, happiness, inner peace and mind on the priorities list? How do you actually implement those priorities? Do you have perhaps time slots allocated for this topics?

I invite you to rejoice a moment and think about what you want to use your willpower for.

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