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Data Center: IDS solution using Security Onion

An enterprise environment has to be monitored for external threats. There are a lot of very expensive IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that do this for you but you can set up in a production environment a very good solution for zero cost. The strength of an IDS is given by the IDS threats database, a… Read More »


SafeNet(Gemalto) Licence and software client

Very important information about the SafeNet software and licences. I get all the time very puzzled clients that find it difficult to understand how to see the license validity and how to install the e-token support. In order to obtain the software and to be able to monitor your licences you need an account with… Read More »

Internet: Subresource Integrity (SRI)

Yes our friends from China invented a new type of DDOS attack. The great firewall changed unencrypted traffic that contained 3rd party javascript libraries to DDOS GitHub. There is already a testing tool SRI Test developed and deployed by Gabor Szathmari see for more details his blog To protect my blog I found out that… Read More »

Disable SSL3 in Glasshfish

As we know there are big security concerns about the use of SSL3 so a lot of security audits are demanding it to be disabled in all applications that are exposed with a WEB GUI. Disabling SSL3 can be done via the admin console. First SSL is disabled individually on the HTTP listeners of your… Read More »