Change HP ILO settings without server restart

By | May 24, 2016

I was relocating my servers in a new rack and configuration and decided to put all my ILO ports to a different router with no DHCP. Obviously I ended up with some fake IP6 address defaulted to the ILO device.
To make the changes to ILO without a server reboot we have the nice hponcfg command under Linux and a windows utility with that name also.
Under Windows there is a nice graphical interface but I am going to focus on Linux command line.

Procedure to assign a new IP to ILO without server restart.

STEP 0: Install hponcfg

We assume that all the HP utility packages are installed including the hponcfg rpm package. The hponvfg package can be found on HP site in the HP Proliant servers software support sections.

STEP 1: Obtain the management processor configuration xml file.

As a result we get:

We can see above that by default DHCP client is enabled not static IP and because we do not have a DHCP server active a bogus IP appears.

STEP 2: Create the configuration XML

Based on the above XML change the XML and set-up:
1. Static IP
2. Net mask
3. The Gateway IP
4. The name of ILO device. We give a nice name to easy identify it.
5. The primary DNS server , the same as the gateway in my case.
<PRIM_DNS_SERVER value = “”/>
6. Turn off DHCP client
7. Remove the <USER_INFO section

The final XML looks like:

STEP 3: Apply the new configuration file

STEP 4: Check the new IP


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