Docker: Install a Nexus Raw Repository for Docker-compose files

By | December 14, 2016

This is a continuation of the post Install a Nexus Repository.

In the following I will describe how to deploy a raw maven repository for the docker-compose files, docker make files and other text files. This repository will be used as the main entry point to the docker repository.

STEP 1: Create a raw repository
Login to the Nexus GUI with the admin user.

Select the “Server administration and configuration” menu (the wheel from the top) and go to Repositories

Choose “Create Repository” and then raw(hosted).

Configure repository as shown:

As a result a new secure raw repository accessible at port 8443 is created.

STEP 2: Uploading files to the raw repository

We are going to upload to this repository:
– zip files containing Dockerfile files and additional resources needed to generate a docker image.
– zip files containing docker-comose.yml files needed to start a full enterprise environment containing several docker images hosted by our docker repository deployed on Nexus.

To upload a file to the repository we can use curl.

# curl --fail -u myuser:mypassword --upload-file 'https://nexus:8443/repository/My-repo/'

STEP 3: Browse and download files from raw repository
To browse and download files hosted on the raw repository simply go from a browser to:



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