Follow-up to “Vodafone #Romania and #GDPR, or how to trick customers to circumvent #GDPR”, first GDPR related fine

By | May 24, 2018

Follow-up to the Vodafone case, they got owned. Vodafone was fined because of the dishonest campaign, which tried to circumvent the new GDPR regulations. See the article in romanian: Vodafone ia amendă de la ANSPDCP pentru o campanie de obținere a consimțământului pentru utilizarea datelor cu caracter personal.

Basically, several people and news outlets contacted the consumer protection agency ANSPDCP which opened a case and fined Vodafone Romania. They were fined before the actual GDPR law is valid so probably is just a small fine more like a warning, but still an official body certified the existence of the dishonest campaign.

GDPR is another thing on the list of EU good deeds, if you see the hatred and the dishonest campaigns to avoid it and the flood of GDPR related emails and disclaimers we see lately.

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