IoT: House climate monitoring

By | February 9, 2017

It is very important for me to monitor the climate in the house. The solution that I have chosen is the Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones
Amazon DE , Amazon UK , Amazon US

– main sensor that measures temperature, CO2 levels, humidity and noise levels.

– indoor sensors that measure temperature, CO2 levels and humidity. Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station. Same on Up to 3 sensors can be added.
Amazon DE , Amazon UK , Amazon US

– outdoor sensor that measures temperature and humidity

– rain sensor: Netatmo Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station
Amazon DE , Amazon UK , Amazon US

– wind sensor: Netatmo Wind Gauge for the Weather Station
Amazon DE , Amazon UK , Amazon US

– for the outside sensors there is also a nice mounting kit: Netatmo NWM01-WW mounting kit
Amazon DE , Amazon UK , Amazon US

– very important has full IFTTT integration so all sorts of fun links to other devices can be done. If humidity is to high my air-conditioning unit is started in de-humidifier mode. If the temperature is too high again the air-conditioning will be started. If your air con is not IFTTT enabled you can achieve this by using some sort of intelligent socket (like WeMo)

This is a very nice weather station with additional inside sensors. You can monitor the environment from inside and outside the house from the smart phone or from the netatmo web account.



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