Map #Docker container ports to virtual IPs in Linux with docker-compose

By | January 3, 2018

Sometimes you need to export multiple instances of the same service with a specific IP using same port outside of a docker swarm environment.
Using docker swarm environment is easy to have several instances of the same service exporting some API on the same port. The swarm will take care of load balancing the services and ports will not clash. But what if we need to have several instances of the same service (running as a container) that we want to load balance from outside a docker swarm.
The solution is to use virtual IPs and map the service ports not to the local host but to the virtual IPs.

STEP 1: Define virtual interfaces under Linux

With the following we define 3 virtual interfaces.

STEP 2: Add the virtual IPs

With the following we add 3 virtual IPs to the defined virtual interfaces.

STEP 3: Bring them up

With the following we bring up the IPs

STEP 4: Define services using the virtual IPs

The following is an example of how to define 3 jetty based services in a docker-compose that use the virtual IPs.

With the above definition I can have now three instances of the same jetty based service exporting an API on the 8080 (http) and 8443 (https) ports but having different IPs.
A load balancing can be done now on this IPs outside a swarm.

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