My #vintage #turntable set-up.

By | June 21, 2023

Several months ago I moved my childhood turntable setup to my new place.

I will just post here some images of the set-up I like so much.


Basically it was the standard turntable you could buy in the late 1980s in communist Romania. I remember that my dad bought it sometimes in 1983 or 1984.

It is a fully automatic belt driven turntable with 45 and 33 RPM selection.

Still sounds very good, mechanical parts work OK. It just needed some extra oiling. Remember this is a almost 40 year old turntable.

The complete old set-up includes one TENTO speaker (Soviet made speaker) and a hand made amplifier.

The hand made amplifier was made by a co-worker of my father, that was having fun making amplifiers for friends. He was a very passionate engineer that knew everything about electronics, smuggeling components from outside the country to make his stuff.

This are the guts of the amplifier.

Fun fact is that the amplifier is an older amplifier he gave for free to my father. So basically was made sometimes in the late 1970s. Still works amazingly good and I think it will also for the next 50 years 🙂

Note that is a stereo amplifier with quite a lot of control, 4 input channels and 2 outputs to speakers. Sadly with this setup I had only one speaker (from some reason one speaker was somehow lost when stuff was moved years ago).

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