Own your MIND!

By | September 9, 2019

Own your mind!

According to the promise for a series of mind-related posts, here comes the first with a command: Own your MIND! If you think that it is easy, you might be either lucky to have been actually dealing with your Mind or blissfully ignorant and/or unaware of the tricks the mind can play on you.

What does owning mean? This is a very good question that tickles the mind and draws it into the light. You might think that I am talking about an external mind, but fear not. I am not. It is the one each one of us has with its manifold areas and rules. Owning it actually encompasses discovering all of it, all those areas and tricks and more importantly getting to the stage in which the mind actually allows you to uncover its shields. It can be like the ocean, you actually do not see its end or deep sides…

From my own experience, the process of owning the mind starts with becoming ready for this journey, because it is a bumpy ride down the rabbit hole.

This posts are not meant to become psychological lectures. Nevertheless, they are based on some literature. I am writer with a scientific background and I am relying on literature, facts, empirical data, own testing and feedback.

Mastering the processes of your mind is a constant challenge. It goes back all the way to you collecting information from your environment, storing it, banking in beliefs and allowing them to express themselves when you want or, how it usually goes around, when you least expect it, turning your reality upside down.

For instance, a good way of starting the process of owning your mind is discovering your own learning type. There are different ways to categorize the learning types. However, four specific types from the literature tickled my attention: the reflexive, the theoretical, the pragmatic and the active style, by Honey & Mumford based on Kolb’s work. These styles come in naturally at a young age and will mostly remain as defined during the early learning experiences.

The next post will describe the learning types mentioned above. Looking forward to entertaining your mind further!

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