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By | August 23, 2021

There were so many times when I had to search for hours for a solution that looked trivial in the end when I found it explained by some stranger on a blog or forum.

There are cases when after reading manuals, documents and forums there is still no clear solution and then I wish someone could help me.

This is a strong incentive to try to spread knowledge as much as possible and to try to convince other people to do the same. That is why I hope my solutions from the blog will be useful for some random stranger passing by.

This is a self hosted site, on own hardware and Internet connection, the old, down to earth way. All the equipment housed in the bellow rack, bought, installed and maintained by the blog owner.

If you want to go into details about the infrastructure supporting this blog see the posts from the DataCenter and Networking categories. In those categories there are some 100+ posts describing the inner working of the hardware and software that make this blog possible.

If you think that you found something useful here please contribute. Choose the forms below, you can donate using Stripe or Paypal or just use the BitCoin wallet of the top banner.

Thank you !

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