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Owncloud 8.1.5: File upload error Table ‘homeclouddb.oc_locks’ doesn’t exist”

By | February 9, 2017

After an OwnCloud upgrade I was getting complains from my users that WebDav and OwnCloud windows client were no longer able to upload files. By looking into owncloud.log the following was the repeated error: {“app”:”remote”,”message”:”An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT * FROM `oc_locks` WHERE `userid` = ? AND (`created` + `timeout`) > 1456517102 AND ((… Read More »

A+ Security for WordPress Blog – HTTP Strict Transport Security

By | February 9, 2017

Keeping the installation of your own WordPress blog highly secure is very important. In today’s fast pace discovery of security vulnerabilities you must keep an eye on all the new security threats and update as soon as possible the security to try to cover the new threat. An invaluable tool is the security test from… Read More »