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Owncloud 8.1.5: File upload error Table ‘homeclouddb.oc_locks’ doesn’t exist”

After an OwnCloud upgrade I was getting complains from my users that WebDav and OwnCloud windows client were no longer able to upload files. By looking into owncloud.log the following was the repeated error: {“app”:”remote”,”message”:”An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT * FROM `oc_locks` WHERE `userid` = ? AND (`created` + `timeout`) > 1456517102 AND ((… Read More »


Strong SSL Security on OwnCloud

Having an OwnCloud installation on the home network is very useful but to use it at the maximum potential you got to open it to the world. One of the best tutorials to install OwnCloud on Fedora 20+ is the online tutorial from BitFresh. By following all the steps you get a nice secure OwnCloud… Read More »