Learning GO: Obtaining a unique sequence from #PostgresSQL with #golang

At some point I discovered GO trying to do very simple and fast code for specific tasks without having to load lots of libraries, deploy application servers or set up complicated frameworks. If you want to build fast very small native micro-services that can be deployed in a docker instance < 10MB Go is the… Read More »


Investigate #Oracle #deadlocks

Sometimes we may end up having some application resources competing for the same resource on our Oracle database. This is usually the case when some exclusive resource must be allocated or updated as in the case of database based locking mechanisms. If there are code issues we may end up in a deadlock situation when… Read More »

Measure speed with Paul Garnier #vintage #chronograph

In the old times when smartphones and smart watches we’re not invented yet people had to rely on beautiful machines to aid them in making quick computations that are not ready and natural to do. I am fascinated by watches from the same reason I like modern technology. It enhances humans, making them better, gives… Read More »

AP-AC-Pro with #Unifi as a taxi monitoring tool

It is always fun to find new usage to UBNT devices. I just discovered that my UniFi AP-AC-Pro is a powerful monitoring tool for the Wi-FI enabled taxis. In a city that considers itself as one of the “Silicon Valleys” of Eastern Europe Internet is a must. Obviously in such an environment having a Hot-Spot… Read More »

Disable core dump generation on #Linux

Generation of core dumps that result in freezing the Linux system is another common issue in the new Linux kernels discussed on many forum threads. Same as the bug of kswapd0 discussed here Kswapd0 going haywire this can become very annoying. It seems that lately someone tries to add developer features turned on by default… Read More »

Banking 2.0 or the online revolution #Revolut

The rise of alternative banking is starting to get in the mainstream. Just 10 years ago there was a limited number of banks who offered the possibility to connect to your account online and get electronic statements. Now we see pressure to get the consumer closer and closer to the bank operations and make it… Read More »