#Docker: Network monitoring with Docker-compose #LibreNMS environment stack

I started from a great post Monitoring your Ubiquiti home-network with a Docker LibreNMS and SNMP, to make my own network monitor where to gather all the network devices SNMP messages. Because I like docker compose files to start up all my components and I want to use a separate docker mysql I made the… Read More »


Quick fix for selinux issues caused by un-tagged files

Sometimes weird things happen when selinux is activated and files are un-tagged or policies are missing. Because I do not want to apply the usual stupid Internet advice: “disable selinux” I am trying to fix it if possible. Two simple steps to alleviate some of the “issues” caused by selinux. STEP 1: Generate SELinux policy… Read More »

Letsencrypt Secured Private Registry for #Docker Swarm

This tutorial is part of the effort to deploy a complex business application on a docker swarm and is focused on deploying a swarm accessible secured private registry using letsencrypt certificates. The first step is to create the swarm, see Create and manage a Docker Swarm with Docker CE and register it to Docker Cloud… Read More »

Monitor #Docker #swarm nodes with #WeaveScope

After your environment grows and you add more and more servers at some point the need to have a simple visual monitoring of everything becomes vital. If you throw into this environment a container environment like docker than you have to monitor even more information. After creating a docker swarm see Create and manage a… Read More »

Darn robots taking our jobs

All this talk about robots or A.I. taking our jobs starts to be funny. Same old story. So Bill Gates wants them darn robots getting taxed, really I was not expecting this from the guy who helped to probably replace the most number of people with computers. My opinion is summed by the following “urban… Read More »