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Docker: New Docker release

In an early March announcement Docker changed the way new versions are released and also branched it to Docker Community Edition (CE), Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and Docker Cloud. The new Docker EE has some additional features like Docker Datacenter providing integrated container management and security from development to production. That makes the Docker environment a… Read More »


Docker: Orchestrate multiple containers with docker-compose

In an enterprise environment we usually separate the components in independent containers: – a database container – a business application container – a web-layer application container – a load balancing layer container/containers – etc. When running our environment with docker and if the environment consist of something more than some simple tests, at some point… Read More »

Docker: Create your own private Docker registry

Docker is a nice low-cost virtualization solution that is more and more popular. A very nice use case is to use it to create images of enterprise systems, images that can be used for testing without having to bother to delete databases and reinitialize testing environment. You just simply have to fire up another set… Read More »