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EdgeRouter: Force add the default routes to the load balanced WAN interfaces

An EdgeRouter firmware update from 1.8.5 to 1.9 broke my L2TP based VPN. After the update my l2tp connection to local subnets was no longer working. Note that I have a load balancing setup with eth0 and eth1 being the load balanced WAN interfaces. It seems that due to the changes done for the l2tp… Read More »


EdgeRouter: Dual WAN + Hair Pin+ Multiple networks + OpenVPN site-to-site VPN

My setup becomes more and more complicated bellow there are the updated steps of my configurations with references to the original posts containing the partial configurations. STEP 1 EdgeRouter : Dual WAN with Hair Pin Initially I started with a dual-wan configuration with some extra setting to exclude from load balancing the hair pin connections:… Read More »

EdgeRouter POE: Power 48V POE switches

I got my EdgeRouter POE from UbiQuiti EdgeRouter, 5-port Router POE and came with the 24VAC power supply. Because the Ubiquity devices are all using the strange low power POE for which 24VAC is enough they ship the EdgeRouter POE with the 24VAC power supply. As a result the device is useless in powering “normal”… Read More »

EdgeRouter : Dual WAN with Hair Pin

Starting with firmware version 1.4 EdgeRouter can be configured in a dual WAN setup using a very simple wizard. Then to configure some port forwarding rules to access the internal web server or VPNs there is a nice GUI setup window. Note that I experienced frequent switches between the main WAN and the backup WAN.… Read More »

EdgeRouter : activate CLI root account

To be able to do several CLI configurations administrator (root) account must be activated. By default EdgeRouter has this account disabled. It seems that even if is activated a firmware upgrade will revert it to the default configuration (disabled). To activate the root account follow the tutorial: EdgeMAX – What is the root account password?… Read More »